Automotive Lubricants

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Lubricant type Finnexx Product Performance Specs Benefits Application
Petrol Engine Lubricants Rovoline R1 Monograde API SF/CC Good detergency Superior protection Modern  passenger car, high speed, stop and go city driving.
Rovoline R2 Multigrade API SG/CF
Rovoline R3 Extra Multigrade API SL/CF-4
Diesel Engine Lubricants Taxxan T1 Monograde API CF High detergency, good load carrying properties, excellent alkalinity retention Modern diesel trucks with turbochargers, heavy duty dedicated diesel engine application
Taxxan T2 Multigrade HD API CF-4/SG
Taxxan T3 Super HD Multigrade API CH-4/SG or CI-4/SL
Motorcycle Engine Lubricants Ardonyx 2T ISO EGB Engine protection
Good lubricity characteristics help protect against friction, wear and scuffing
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Ardonyx 4T API SF
Power Steering Fluid Sauro PS between ISO VG 32 and ISO VG 46 Specially tuned friction characteristics, ensuring smooth operation and reduced
pump cavitation
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Gear Lubricants Marcelo Autogear GL4 API GL-4 Excellent shear stability, ensuring that the viscosity is retained throughout the
fluid lifetime. Good oxidation stability prevents oil from thickening during service, and keeps
gear cases and bearings clean and free from harmful deposits
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Marcelo Autogear GL5 Monograde API GL-5
Marcelo Autogear GL5 Multigrade API GL-5, MT-1


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